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The St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition members are asked to support the Coalition with their membership dues. Other  Non-members are welcome to make  donations and monetary

gifts toward reaching our goals

and mission.​

Members and interested members of the St. Louis  Metropolitan Clergy Coalition are required to complete

an application and submit their photo.

St. Louis Clergy of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area has come together to create a positive impact on the spiritual, social, political and economic issues affecting the St. Louis community. Click above to get the latest news on events near you. ​

 Churches bring many benefits to communities.  A church's involvement is crucial in the development of a strong community. From the days of the slavery abolitionists to the civil rights movement in the sixties, the church has always been an integral part of social progress. History has proven repeatedly that when a church participates in community-work it stabilizes a neighborhood.  The mission of the St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition is to galvanize our communities into a "beautiful symphony of brother & sisterhood"



Bishop Elijah Hankerson, Immediate-Past Coalition President

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